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A world leader in Foreign Military Sales (FMS) with over 20 years of experience assisting US allied partners with security cooperation requirements to support multi-national defense Interests.

References & Testimonials

"Major Dorn, your efforts are vital not only preparing official visits, but also for representing our nation. By devoting your talenent, time, and energy to the cause of diplomacy, you are helping forge a bright future for our county and the world."

Barak Obama United States President '09 - '17

"Lt Col Dorn, The Transformation Management Office Sincerely appreciates your dedication and commitment towards building a sound FMS strategy enabling us to implement MoD transformation initiatives in partnership with the USG."

Dr. Samir Al Tubayyeb CEO, Transformation Management Office

“Major Dorns role in the lead up to the elections in Myanmar were instrumental to the overall success of US policy. The future of US-Myanmar relationship will be stronger and more successful due to his efforts”

Ambassador Derek Mitchell '12 - '16

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Total package approach

Requirements definition

The critical element to any program development. Failure to accurately document and articulate requirements may result in cost, schedule and performance overruns

System development

Properly managing system development is critical for any Nation. Lack of proper oversight leads to capability gaps when seeking Initial & Full Operational Capability

Program delivery

Post system development and delivery of system to the End-User requires maticulous oversight to ensure operations begin & meet national level requirements

Life-cycle management

Defense system management through serviceability and demobilization requires detailed planning. Lack of explicit planning regarding spares & obsolescence leads to significant operational capability gaps